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Universities nowadays have more than an educational and research function. They play an active role in society as incubators for fresh and innovative ideas. They can bring together highly qualified individuals with diverse experiences and knowledge, and foster a dialogue between them. The world is changing and more and more people want to be actively involved in making a positive change in society. Social business is gaining momentum and providing a great model for a type of business that is financially sustainable and benefits society at the same time.

As a new and upcoming concept it needs to be spread, discussed, challenged, researched, and developed. Universities can make this happen. By being part of the social business movement universities are fostering a dialogue about the future, and shaping future leaders who think both sustainably and socially. The Grameen Creative Lab introduces academic institutions to the social business concept, we act as a connector between universities who are part of the social business movement, we consult them on how to introduce social business into their activities and curricula and how to expand their social business knowledge. Further we engage in joint initiatives, which help create an entire social business environment.

Our vision for academia:
To bring social business into universities and create a culture within academia, with the goal to serve society’s most pressing needs through social business.

Our mission:
• To connect with leading universities worldwide and encourage research as well as teaching of social business
• To develop programs that support universities to:
- Conduct practically relevant academic research in the area of social business
- Design curricula for social business
- Initiate social business activities for students
- Provide physical space as well as assistance regarding social business to students, allowing them to work on and develop social business ideas

Prof. Yunus delivering a speech in Japan

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