Worldwide Social Business Day 2012

It was a great day! Thank you everyone, who contributed and participated! To view the great messages that we received please visit or our Facebook page

On June 28, 2012 the third Worldwide Social Business Day will take place. On this day we will celebrate Professor Yunus’ concept of social business, look at what has been achieved so far, spread the word about this new type of business, reinforce the commitment to this visionary idea, and discuss the future of the social business movement.


You can participate in the Social Business Day virtually and we hope you will! You can watch live streams, make comments, ask questions, watch video messages, post on social media networks and actively get involved. The line-up will follow soon!

Send us a photo with your message for Social Business Day 2012. The most creative contribution will be selected by Prof. Muhammad Yunus and Hans Reitz and will be awarded with an entrance ticket to the Global Social Business Summit 2012! 

STEP 1:: Be creative and create your message for Social Business Day 2012.


STEP 2:: Include your country with letters big enough to be visible in a photo.


STEP 3:: Grab your camera!


STEP 4:: Go to a cool place in your city and maybe even take some friends along!


STEP 5:: Take a photo of yourself including your message! Smiiiiiiile!


STEP 6:: Go on the Grameen Creative Lab Facebook page and upload your photo directly or send us the picture at


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What else is happening on June 28?

The Grameen Creative Lab will host a get-together in Wiesbaden, Germany at the social business coffeeshop 'Perfect Day'. You can get to know the GCL team and our current projects and discuss social business ideas with other people. We are looking forward to see you there!

For more information please click here.

A physical event will also take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh where Prof. Yunus will hold a speech, a panel of experts will discuss the ways social business can be used to tackle society's most pressing needs, participants will be able to visit a social business exhibition, workshops about social business will be held…and much much more.

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28. June 2012
Worldwide Social Business Day 2012
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