Live Examples

  • The Governor and the First Lady of Caldas with Prof. Yunus
    The Holistic Social Business Movement of Caldas (HSBM) aims to eradicate poverty and rebuild the region’s economy while addressing the main social needs of Caldas: education, nutrition,
  • Need: 30% of all Bangladeshis and 56% of Bangladeshi children under the age of 5 suffer from moderate to severe malnutrition. In general the country has some of the highest child and
  • Yunus has excited initiatives of Wiesbaden about social business
      Creating a role model for social business in cities Social business has already proven to be a true alternative for conventional development programs and has reached, inspired and
  • Country Director of the Grameen Creative Lab Copyright © Roger Richter
    Empowering Haiti through social business After the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus, The Grameen Creative Lab and SAP AG
  • Mise en place d'infrastructures: La Grameen Creative Lab et le Fond de Commerce Social YY Haïti Pour soutenir et financer les entreprises sociales en Haïti, nous avons mis en place
  • Picture: Saskia Bruysten
    "This is an important project. If this social business comes out successful, it will pave the way for many such social businesses in agriculture” (Muhammad Yunus) Need: Northern
  • Grameen Shakti, social business, solar energy, Muhammad Yunus
    Need: Access to energy is a fundamental condition for economic development. Failing to fulfill this condition, especially the access to electricity, means to exclude people from the benefits
  • Need: In Bangladesh, approximately 8 million children under the age of 5 years are malnourished. The country has some of the highest child and maternal malnutrition rates according
  • Need: Nature has bestowed the blessing of abundant fresh water on Bangladesh, in the form of numerous groundwater resources that are not too deep and are therefore easy to exploit. However,
  • Grameen Bank, social business, poverty, Bangladesh, Muhammad Yunus
    Need: The poor need fair access to finance to empower them to help themselves. Since conventional banking makes lending decisions based on a borrower's existing assets (collateral),