The Holistic Social Business Movement of Caldas

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The Holistic Social Business Movement of Caldas (HSBM) aims to eradicate poverty and rebuild the region’s economy while addressing the main social needs of Caldas: education, nutrition, healthcare, and housing. It was been initiated by Prof. Yunus and the Caldas’ Governor Aristizabal in August 2009 after they met at the Microcredit Summit in Cartagena in June 2009.

The Movement is based on three main building blocks governed under the Grameen Caldas Umbrella Organization:

1. The Grameen Caldas Microfinance Organization:
Objective: to provide microcredits and other financial services to the poorest people in Caldas to help them overcome poverty through income-generating activities
2. Grameen Caldas Social Business Fund:
Objective: to provide equity and/or debt to empower the creation and expansion of Social Businesses in the region
3. Social Business Joint Ventures:
Objective: to serve the needs of the poorest of the poor in Caldas

A strong core team from The Grameen Creative Lab supported by a distinctive network of experts from the social, business and academic sectors is already turning the HSBM concept into a reality: 

  • There are numerous proven social business models that are ready to take investments and be implemented in Caldas.
  • The first two Social Business Pilot Projects in Caldas have been launched: BIENESTAR and Fortified Panela 
  • A Social Business Institute is going to be implemented at the Caldas University 
  • The First Latin American and Caribbean Social Business Forum will be held this year and will take place in and around Manizales, the capital of Caldas.

The HSBM of Caldas will develop into a replicable model of poverty reduction applicable worldwide. It has become the center of Social Business for the Latin American and Caribbean regions and from here it is spreading all over the continent.

The Governor and the First Lady of Caldas with Prof. Yunus
Martin Loeffler, Projekt Manager Caldas