Governor of Caldas on Social Business

Governor of Caldas Mario Aristizábal Muñoz

During the Global Social Business Summit 2010 many social business projects from all over the world were presented. Watch the Governor of Caldas, Mario Aristizábal Muñoz, on the first public-private social business in Colombia.


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We're really excited about this new way of doing things in our Country. Actually, we are a Colombian Foundation that wants to help in the wonderful task of overcoming poverty in Colombia, but focused in our core competence of giving solutions to the social problem of "Ignorance". We give people internal and external tools in a manner that they can find their own way to a Financial Consciousness that improves quality live and economic prosperity. Poor people in our country, with this new idea of social business, could have knowledge that is too expensive to get for them and the opportunity of high quality-low cost education about How To Be Financial Conscious.

Congratulations for this special energy you are giving to Colombia. Definitely, good people exists!

Best regards,
Hugo León Betancur Quiceno
Director General
Fundación Consciencia Financiera
Bogotá, Colombia

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