GSBS: Marketplace of Social Business

Marketplace of Social Business
Marketplace of Social Business
GSBS: Marketplace of Social Business

The marketplace of Social Business was a unique opportunity for participants and press representatives to directly get informed on the diversity and advancement of existing social business initiatives.

With 20 market booths, the Marketplace of Social Business has been an interactive platform at the Global Social Business Summit to bring together experienced social business activists and participants. A guided tour through six stations of the marketplace ensured a diversified and balanced impression. Afterwards, participants had been given the time to visit each booth as long as they wished and get all their questions answered.
The following initiatives presented themselves at the marketplace of social business:

1. BASF Grameen: BASF and Grameen founded a social business joint venture that aims at providing better protection for people in Bangladesh against insects transmitting infectious diseases. BASF Grameen Ltd. markets long-lasting insecticidal nets. The production facility in Bangladesh is currently being set up.

2. The Glasgow Caldeonian College of Nursing has been established as a quality sustainable and growing health education social business. It is the first in a network of colleges graduating 500 to 1000 nurses every year. Graduates are guaranteed a job through Grameen Health Care. The Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing makes nursing an attractive profession for girls in Grameen families, helping them to become respected healthcare professionals transforming themselves, their families and their communities.
3. The Social Business Tour was initiated to build awareness of the concept of social business, accelerating the social business movement, launch social business initiatives as well as facilitate their financing in a defined region. In 2010 The Social Business Tour was focused on Central and Eastern Europe as a joint initiative of The Grameen Creative Lab, ERSTE Foundation, Erste Group, good.bee, and the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, Republic of Austria. In 2011 The Grameen Creative Lab wants to bring the Social Business Tour to Africa!
4. danone.communities: After having launched the social business joint venture Grameen Danone in Bangladesh, danone.communities moved forward in 2008 with two investments in social entrepreneurship, one in Cambodia with “1001 fontaines” and another in Senegal with “La Laiterie du Berger”. The danone.communities venture capital investment fund acquired 34 % of a company created by the “1001 fontaines” NGO to provide clean, safe drinking water to isolated villages in Cambodia, for less than one euro cent per litre. By the end of 2010, danone.communities will have invested in 10 projects within 4 continents.
5. The Holistic Social Business Movement of Caldas uses a unique combination of microfinance, a social business fund and corporate investments to lift the entire region out of poverty. The government of Caldas will fund the HSBM with $16M ($6M for microfinance, $10M for Social Businesses). The HSBM created an innovative legal entity to manage these funds and aims at serving as a role model for future regional development approaches all over the world. Several pilot projects are ongoing.
6. The Yunus Centre is the hub of all the global activities around social businesses, including microcredit, healthcare and the environment. It was created to interconnect all the initiatives taken in various countries within various structural formats, such as, Institutes of Social Business, Grameen Creative Labs, Yunus Centres, Yunus Chairs, Social Business Chairs, Social Business Funds and Social Businesses. The ultimate goal of the Yunus Centre will be to create poverty museums, especially by engaging youth, women and disadvantaged people.
7. Grameen Veolia Water: Grameen Bank and Veolia Water decided to join their efforts to build a social business to supply drinking water at an affordable price (0.25 euro cents) in rural areas of Bangladesh. Grameen Veolia Water was born in March 2008. The target is to distribute drinking water to the inhabitants of Goalmari Union and Padua Union (40,000 people). In May 2009, a plant treating water from the Meghna River started up water production
8. The Grameen Creative Lab (GCL) is a joint venture between the Yunus Centre, represented by Professor Muhammad Yunus, and circ responsibility, represented by serial entrepreneur Hans Reitz. GCL’s mission is to spread social business – by raising awareness for the concept of social business, and helping to set up successful social businesses. We are a young team of top management consultants, entrepreneurs and corporate communications specialists dedicated to solving social problems by using business methods.
9. SAP Social Business Initiative Ghana: In Northern Ghana, shea nut & butter processing is one of the most common income generating activity of approx. 600,000 rural women. The women processors mostly sell on the local market or to middlemen at low margins. The mission of the initiative is to create a blueprint IT supported value chain for agricultural products which can be scaled and replicated. Shea is taken as an example to increase the income of rural women through higher prices, higher quality and efficiency in processing shea nuts and butter. International buyers can purchase high quality shea products in economic quantities directly from rural women.