Social business pioneer Yunus to star in The Simpsons

Social business pioneer Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh will star in one of the upcoming episodes of American animated television series "The Simpsons".

"We would like to fascinate especially young people for the idea of social business. The Simpsons are a perfect platform and through this special episode our numerous social business initiatives will get some special attention" says Hans Reitz, Joint Venture partner and Creative Director to Muhammad Yunus.

In preparation of the transmission Yeardley Smith, who lends her voice to the cartoon character Lisa, visited the Yunus-Centre in Dhaka to to study the Grameen Bank model and the social busines initiatives of the Nobel Laureate. According to his staff Muhammad Yunus's voice has already been recorded and the episode is ready to go on air.

After having helped countless people to escape poverty the Nobel Laureate continues his fight for a poverty free world through the worldwide creation of social businesses.

With the help of The Grameen Creative Lab (GCL), a Joint Venture between Prof Yunus and Hans Reitz, Germany has become within the last years a central hub when it comes to spreading the idea of social business.

Picture of Lisa Simpson: © 2009 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

Lisa Simpson likes Prof Yunus and his idea of social business.
The Simpsons love social business