Dairy Processing - Lèt Agogo Franchise


Agriculture and farming accounts for more than 50% of the workforce in Haiti and is an important pillar of economic development. However local farmers are not working at their full capacity and are only contributing to less than 30% of the consumed milk; while the rest of the milk has to be imported.

Social Business Solution:

A Léogâne-based franchise of the Haitian milk processing company Lèt Agogo aims to scale up its business and work with more farmers (currently 30). Farmers in the region will be provided with technical assistance and training in order to optimize the production, distribution and marketing processes. They will benefit from a regular income for providing Lèt Agogo francise with their milk on a daily basis, which will attract more farmers to pursue milk production. Furthermore the initiative will empower women who play a central role in processing and bottling the milk. By increasing the supply of milk which can then be processed into a variety of dairy products, the project aims at strengthening the demand for locally produced quality foods and thus leading to less dependency on imported products.

Business Plan:

The investment need is $110,000 which will be paid back within a time period of 8 years. The milk will be collected from farmers and will be processed and finally will be sold to the dairy company.

Potential Entrepreneurs:

The entrepreneur is a franchisee of the Haitian dairy cooperative Lèt Agogo. He collects and processes the milk of 30 individual farmers. With an investment he wants to support farmers to modernize their farming practices and to scale up their cattle and expand his processing plant.
Examples of social businesses: 

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Dairy Processing - Lèt Agogo Franchise

Lèt Agogo empowers women who play a central role in processing and bottling milk
The initiative will encourage farmers to scale up their cattle