Social Business Examples

There are numerous proven social business models that are ready to take investments and be implemented in Caldas.
Social businesses can be created in most industries and you can either invest into the SB investment fund or directly realize your company’s social business idea...

• Fortfied Panela
• The Tierra Viva Projekt
• Fortified Rice Production
• Highway Fruit Stand Chain
• Community based Fisheries
• Home Solar Systems
• Fair-Wind
• Grameen Check and Knitware
• Iraca Handcrafts
• SB Investment Fund
• Additionally any other Social Business idea you have is welcome to be implemented


The Social Business BIENESTAR addresses the social need of healthcare. In Caldas child mortality rates of deaths due to cervical cancer are very high due to weaknesses in the health care system: Extremely low quality health services provided to the poor, an unsatisfactory infrastructure and shortage in public hospitals. Furthermore, 15% of the population live without any medical insurance and private health insurances delay in paying bills to the limited doctors available.

The mission of BIENESTAR is to provide affordable healthcare to the poor in Caldas, especially services to mothers, their children and women in poor areas. The business model of BIENESTAR is based on the successful system of “SER” in Argentina. It offers patients a card for ca. $5 per year that gives patients access to a network of doctors and healthcare centers offering the patient services and medicine for up to 60% cheaper than standard costs without long waiting times.

BIENESTAR is currently piloting the business by focusing on one poor municipality of Caldas, Villamaría. People working in healthcare clinic actively offer the card to their patients and collect personal data (e.g. telephone numbers). Every card has a barcode, so upon payment the card can immediately be activated. For the future BIENESTAR will further focus on marketing and outreach strategies by establishing a network of local women who travel through the region promoting and selling the cards. The aim for the end of 2011 is to have 3,000 patients and an implemented long-term strategy.

Fortfied Panela:

The Social Business, Fortified Panela, aims to overcome the social problem of increasing malnutrition levels among children in Caldas: The low birth weight rates increased from 5.9% in 2008 to 6.3% in 2009. Additionally, 7,4 % of the children below the age of 5 suffer from general malnutrition and 23.3% are at risk of malnutrition. The nutritional alternatives available do not fit the food traditions of the community and they are prohibitively expensive.

To fulfill the vision that no citizen of Caldas should suffer from malnutrition, Fortified Panela is to produce and sell fortified panela products to rural population in Caldas, Colombia, with special attention to malnourished children.

So far there is already a local entrepreneur who will run the Social Business and a first business and financial plan has been established. The panela products will be produced locally, in a production plant in Supía (northern region), where also the required sugar cane can be bought from local farmers. In this way, Fortified Panel ensures that secondary revenues stay in the region.

The outlook for 2011 and 2012 is to launch the social business, renovate the factory, hire staff, and start production. Depending on the amount of the governments investment, an additional investor (e.g. from the private sector) will have to be found to to support with approx. 10 million USD.

There are numerous proven social business models that are ready to take investme
A Bienestar health care pass provides high quality medical assistance at an affo
Social Business Pilot Project - Fortified Panela – is a sustainable Business aim