History of The Grameen Creative Lab

The Grameen Creative Lab was officially founded in January 2009 - but this was not its beginning. First footprints were left much earlier: In June 2007, Peter Spiegel, the head of the Genisis Institute for Social Business, introduced Hans Reitz to Prof. Yunus at the Vision Summit in Berlin. It was the start of a friendship.
In February 2008, Hans Reitz undertook his first trip to Bangladesh to visit Muhammad Yunus and learn about Grameen and the idea of social business.
In April 2008, Prof. Yunus visited Germany. A first contact between Grameen and BASF, one of Hans Reitz's clients, was established. Together with Mr. Hambrecht, CEO of BASF, they developed a first idea of a Joint Venture between BASF and Grameen.
During 2008, Prof. Yunus and Hans Reitz deepened their relationship and agreed on a close collaboration. Hans Reitz became Prof. Yunus' creative advisor and friend.

In January 2009, this relationship was formalized - The Grameen Creative Lab was founded as a Joint Venture between the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh and circ-responsibility, a CR consulting company in Germany. Their shared vision has been to fight poverty by accelerating social business. Its first success was the Joint Venture between Grameen and BASF.


Prof. Yunus, Hans Reitz, The Grameen Creative Lab