Services & activities

Our vision is to serve society’s most pressing needs. Leading by example, we accelerate and spread the social business movement worldwide.
We divide our work into 3 pillars: Interact, Incubate, Create.

Interact: "Awareness"
• We organize and consult on public events
• We publish books and articles on social business
• Our senior staff speak at conferences to cultivate a constant exchange on social business
• We network with the community of interest

Incubate: "Understanding"
• We brainstorm social business ideas at creative workshops
• We experiment with our own social businesses on a small scale
• We initiate and support academic research in collaboration with our partner universities

Create: "Impact"
• We consult corporations on how to set up a social business joint venture - worldwide
• We support investors and the public sector to create funds that run as social businesses
• We will create a certification methodology for social business

The Grameen Creative Lab is a social business in itself. We finance ourselves through the products and services within each pillar. Any profits will be reinvested into further accelerating social business and sharing Grameen's and Prof. Yunus' concepts and ideas with companies, universities, NGOs, students, investors and more.

The vision and mission of Grameen Creative Lab
Time to work on Social Business Ideas
Constructive discussion about Social Business