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Weblog - 18.07.2010 - 00:00

18.07.10 // The tour bus now turned into a ...

... Shinkansen bullet train which took us with high speed to Shin-Kobe, the home of the Kwansei Gakuin University. This is an old an prestigious university with a very nice campus with Spanish-style... 16 ShareThis
Weblog - 17.07.2010 - 00:00

17.07.2010 // The next generation of social business...

...is already on the way at Kyushu University in Fukuoka. Here, Prof. Yunus met with high school students aged 13 to 15 years who presented their social business ideas to him. Kyushu University has... 3 ShareThis
Weblog - 16.07.2010 - 00:00

A short video message from Prof. Yunus

Today we have a short video message from Prof. Yunus who will tell us a little bit about the first half of this Japan trip. 9 ShareThis
Weblog - 15.07.2010 - 17:09

15.07.2010 // There is no real tour without ...

Can you spot the Prof?
...a real tour bus and being „on tour". In that sense, the Japan tour is now in full effect. Today, we have been travelling to Oita on Kyushu Island in the south of Japan. It is an amazing place... 5 ShareThis
Weblog - 15.07.2010 - 12:39

Made in Japan: Social business joint venture with Uniqlo

One of the first outcomes of the Japan tour is an agreement between the Grameen Bank Group and Japan's clothing retail chain to help set up textile unit in Bangladesh. The goal is to set up a... 262 ShareThis
Weblog - 15.07.2010 - 11:32

14.07.2010 // Prof. Yunus discusses social business opportunities in Japan

The second day in Tokyo was just as exciting as the first one. The morning began with an interview with the largest public broadcast station in Japan, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and a... 3 ShareThis
Weblog - 13.07.2010 - 23:45

13.07.2010 // Today was the first day of the Japan Trip of Prof. Yunus

The day started with a meeting and a youth dialogue with Benesse Corporation. About 120 junior and senior high school students and 9th graders eagerly listened to the speech of Prof. Yunus to learn... 2 ShareThis
Weblog - 28.06.2010 - 20:38

08:00 pm GMT // around the world and back to Japan

The first annual social business day comes to an end. And we are happy to get back to our starting point: To Prof. Yasuura, Prof. Okada, Hiromi, Wakako and Terry from Kyushu University in Fukuoka.... 8 ShareThis
Weblog - 28.06.2010 - 20:03

07:00 pm GMT // worldwide social business day: FRANCE II

One of the world´s most important social business entrepreneurs and one of the first members of the global social business family is based in France: Danone. Their spirit, trust, know how and... 19 ShareThis
Weblog - 28.06.2010 - 19:08

06:30 pm GMT // Creative Session with Hans Reitz, Creative Director to Prof. Yunus

During meeting for the first Worldwide Social Business Day in New York many new Ideas were born. Now you can take the chance to ask Hans Reitz, Creative Director to Nobel Price Winner Prof. Yunus... 8 ShareThis
Weblog - 28.06.2010 - 18:29

05:30 pm GMT // worldwide social business day with José Andrés in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

After meeting Prof. Yunus this past month, Chef José Andrés thinks not only about helping and doing good things for people but about how to empower them to succeed on their own. For over ten years,... 33 ShareThis
Weblog - 28.06.2010 - 17:56

05:00 pm GMT // worldwide social business day: HAITI

The worldwide social business day reaches another meaningful spot: Haiti. THANK YOU, ALEXANDRE AND JAMES for sending us such a nice video, some pictures directly from your brainstorming session and... 4 ShareThis
Weblog - 28.06.2010 - 16:52

04:00 pm // worldwide social business day: FRANCE

It is obvious that we can not miss France on our trip around the world since there are some of the most remarkable social business projects worldwide getting into activity. THANK YOU JÜRGEN, SEFORAH... 36 ShareThis
Weblog - 28.06.2010 - 16:09

3:00 pm GMT // worldwide social business day: COLOMBIA

Our friend Felipe provides us with some news from Colombia - the Social Business Days"s next station: GCL starts operations in Manizales, Caldas in collaboration with the Poverty Reduction... 28 ShareThis
Weblog - 28.06.2010 - 15:50

2:30 pm GMT // worldwide social business day: U.S.A.

People come together and meet in Central Park to celebrate first Worldwide Social Business Day Hans Reitz, creative advisor to Prof. Yunus and his team are right now meeting students from Columbia... 35 ShareThis